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    18 hours

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    4 hours

    AI for New Product Insights

    How can I optimise customer information and feedback into new product design?
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    What's Included

    Unique Insights and Tips

    Learn from our experience on the best approaches and solutions using AI

    Self Paced Interactive Learning

    Structured content developed by professional educators including video, cheat sheets to learn in your time

    Simple and Easy to Understand

    We keep it simple with easy to understand concepts, demonstrations and hands on to be confident using AI quickly
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    Created by

    Charles Clapshaw

    Charles Clapshaw has been innovating for over 25 years now - from a webmaster in the '90s to the Worldwide Digital President of TBWA in New York until he left advertising to pursue another career change to art. Since then he has exhibited worldwide including Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Biennale of Sydney and as an Augmented Reality artist at Apple.
    in 2022 Charles received a patent for his AR work as well as an Autism and ADHD diagnosis, since then his focus is teaching and enabling AI for creative and non technical people.
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